Free Website Holiday Special

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Its holiday season and HMGTech is in a giving mood, we running a massive sale, we building 50 free websites to 1st 50 Small Businesses to order Across South Africa that orders it through our Website.

We believe in empowering small businesses because we are one ourselves. And because we have worked with so many SME and built so many sites over the years, we know that sometimes getting a basic website up and running is no easy task. So we will take that stress away from you and get your business online in no time.

So you might ask who is HMGTech? And why is this a good opportunity? We have created websites for some of South Africa's Top Sportsmen. Here are a few names on our resume.

  • Roland Schoeman - Olympic Gold Medalist and 5 time former world record holder.
  • Robbie Hunter - The only South African to have won a Stage on the Tour De France.
  • More Websites :
    Sports Celebs ( 1 of South Africa's best Swimmers ) (In progress ) ( 1 of South Africa's best motocross riders )

    Local Cape Town Businesses

    Online Shops and Businesses

At HMGTech we believe in being transparent with Customers. As much as we would love to build every client the biggest and best site for free, we simply wont be able to deliver on such a promise. With that said there is a few terms and conditions to our offer. Please read through it before placing order. Click Here to read

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