Computer Repairs

Computer Desktop Repairs

Generally computers wear out or simply malfunctions, misbehaves and we all hate that. But the difference between getting back your computer to the way it was and agonizing as you make your way to a computer shop for a new one, is who you first take your computer to when it’s broken. A lot of cases with computer repairs leads to using it for a short time, then permanent damage that leaves your computer dead. At HMGTech we believe that as a customer, you can entrust us with your repairs and expect your computer back working normally. We believe in helping our clientele in keeping those computers, they love in shape and in maximum the working state. We also do maintenance of computers of all sorts for businesses, and sorting out in terms of upgrades. We believe that in this age of e-commerce businesses, petty issues of computer malfunctions should never hold you back from achieving the best out of your business. The cost of repairs is very considerate of all people of all walks of life. We have a high customer satisfaction success rate and we believe we are the right choice if you are in Cape Town and its environs.

Laptop & Notebook Repairs

Laptops can be very delicate and we can hardly believe the amount of agony that overwhelms us, we accidents like spilling a mug of coffee on them by accident in the office. Well, don’t worry about that as here at HMGTech we have highly trained staff and technicians who will spare no efforts to ensure that your laptop of whatever make in the market is salvaged and functional. We understand the value of investments our customers put on their laptops and thus we strive to see that it all pays back. Face lifts to laptops like RAM upgrades, operating system upgrade is all available at very reasonable prices. We offer high tech assistance on every laptop brought to us for any repair reason whatsoever and we will make sure it get it back to you looking brand new. If you have any inquiries regarding repairs, feel free to contact us.